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Free Dressing Tips for your Body Type

How to determine your Body Shape is Quick & Easy!

I realized sooooo many women doesn't know what their Body shape is nor how to dress accordingly! Do you know what YOUR Body shape is? So here are some FREE tips to help you determine what your body shape is and how to look like the Celebs from now own, regardless of your weight or height!

Okay so you just can't find the perfect clothes every time you go shopping, You always look overweight or short or just weird in whatever clothes you choose, you know Beyonce weighs more than you do, but you still don't seem to look as good as she does, no matter what you try...

I have the solution...

Simply determine your body type and follow this FREE Dressing Tips for your Body Type! No wonder celebrities look so good, their stylists advises them on what clothing will accentuate their best features! We all have imperfections, it's just a matter of how to draw attention to your best features!

Find out what your best features are right here,

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Tag us in your next Styled outfit according to your body type!

Still having trouble choosing your body type? Use this Cool Body Shape Calculator

Happy Styling!!!

Your's in Fashion xoxo

Katryn Celliers (Yes I recently got married woohoo!)

CEO Limpopo Beauty Modeling

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