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How to prepare for a Pageant

Sooo you've entered for a pageant and you have no idea where to start, how to prepare, what to practice, what to wear or how to get your head in the game? Stress no more, because today I'm going to give you a free step-by-step guide on how to prepare to win your next pageant!

As the owner of the biggest Modeling Academy in Limpopo I've trained hundreds if not thousands of models over the last 8 years and getting models prepared for pageants is what I do best!

In order to do well in a pageant you must be prepared to work hard and to give it everything you've got. If you don't have that "I Can do this" attitude I'm afraid you will never win a pageant.

So therefore the first step is to Get your mindset right!

Step 1: Get your mindset right!

Believe in yourself, decide you want to win! The judges can see who really wants it, having the attitude of I'm doing it for fun and we will see what happens is definitely not going to get you the crown! Start motivating yourself, make a list of all your good qualities, and those you need to work on.

For example: Good: Great Smile, Good confidence, Classy walk,

Things I need to work on: Balance in heels, Practice talking louder when introducing myself, eye contact with judges

Now first praise yourself for the things that will help you stand out in the pageant, you already have a great smile and confidence, this will count a lot in your favor, but start working on the other things to ensure you do your best on pageant day. Acknowledging what you can do well will already motivate you to get in "Pageant Mode"

Read inspirational quotes! If you ever need motivation search quotes and feed your soul! Get yourself excited to work hard and to go all in! YOU are the only person responsible for your success in life, no one can make things happen for you if you don't have the courage to pursue your dreams!

Here are some great Quotes that helps me get my head in the game!

What Quotes motivates you? Share it with us on social media #PageantModeQuotes #LimpopoBeautyPageantQuotes

Step 2: Your Wardrobe

Start putting together your outfits, make sure you understand the dress code correctly for the pageant you entered. When there are themes, be careful to not go over the top, remember you should still look like a classy, sophisticated young lady, not like a clown that went way too far with glitters, feathers etc you get my drift? Always maintain a good balance! Looking professional , fashionable and stylish should always be Rule nr 1 in Pageant Dress code.

Confused as to what exactly is smart casual, semi formal, cocktail wear and evening wear? Read my blog post Free Dress Code Tips

Step 3: Your Look

First Impressions will ALWAYS have a major impact on pageant scores, and this will 99% of the time be based on your look, posture and confidence. Research the previous pageant winners, look at Miss South Africa, Miss World and Miss Universe Winners to see how they do their hair, what make-up trends works best etc! Focus on transforming your look to Look like the winner!

The days of looking all natural at a pageant is loooong gone! Yes you need to look naturally beautiful, but let me tell you, there is NOTHING natural about it! From Hair Extensions, micro bladed eyebrows, False Lashes, Fake tans etc, these things unfortunately has become a big part of every pageant girls life. Look if you are 13years old competing at a local pageant I'm not saying you should do all these things, but the reality is, if you want to stand a chance at Miss SA you need to do every single one of these to get that perfect pageant look.

If you have very short hair, I do suggest getting hair extensions, even if it's just clip-in ones for that day, if it will enhance your look and flatter your face shape then why not? The sad truth is that sometimes these things can cost a lot of money, but research products well, educate yourself on whats current, teach yourself how to do your own make-up and hair, all these "skills" can really save you a lot of money in the future. Choose you hairstyle and make-up look at least 2 weeks before the pageant and ensure your look goes well with your outfits.

Hairstyle: In my experience updo's is something of the past, long wavy locks are trending in the pageant industry at this point. Ensure your hair looks healthy and well cared for. Buy a hair mask and treat your hair, make sure there is no frizz and split ends.

Make-up: Always be careful to not go too dark, focus on enhancing your best features, do opt for a professional foundation that will last all day, I recommend Alila Pro Make-up, as it's used by make-up artists, its hypoallergenic and it has a flawless finish. We stock it at Limpopo Beauty, as it's so much more affordable than other brands of this quality.

Read my Post on Free Make-up Tips Here

Lastly ensure your skin looks soft and moisturized, if you have problematic skin book a facial at least 3 weeks before the pageant to help clear your skin. I would suggest booking House of Asante Spa, they are great with all their beauty treatments.

Also go for a brow shape & tint this really helps with your make-up to have that polished and "on fleek" look!

Step 4 - Practice, practice & more Practice

No one is born the perfect model, no one is born with excellent public speaking skills, it's something you have to learn. I strongly believe that you can achieve anything in life, if you have the determination to read up about it, try new things, educate yourself as much as possible! Preparation is definitely the key to success, just by feeling prepared before a pageant your confidence will be on a different level, you will feel more relaxed and READY FOR ACTION.

Practice your introduction in front of friends and family, read a lot to broaden your vocabulary! Ask yourself different questions to get your brain ready to think quickly, as you need to answer right away! Always be yourself, don't try to be someone else, don't rehears answers like a parrot this never ends well. Under stress you will just forget the next line and you will be doomed, it's always best to speak from the heart!

Practice your walk, if you don't know pageant turns, watch videos online or sign up with our academy for some professional modeling training. We will teach you everything you need to know to win your next pageant! Be sure to do a pageant walk and not catwalk, catwalk is mostly for fashion shows!

They say Practice like you've never won and Perform like you've never lost!

That is the best advise I can give you!

All the best for your next pageant! I hope my tips helped! Please be so kind to share it on social media, let's become a sisterhood where we help other women, feel free to share your stories and experiences with me!

I hope I'll be seeing you at our next pageants! Lots of big prizes!! Enter Online Now!

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Lots of love xoxo

Katryn Celliers

CEO Limpopo Beauty Modeling Academy Pty ltd

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