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SA Beauty Modeling Academy pty ltd terms and conditions


1. I hereby accept this one year contract with SA Beauty Modeling Academy which is a 1hour weekly class, R450 Joining fee and R600pm No refunds

2. Should I wish to cancel this one year agreement running from Jan-Dec annually I have to give 30days written notice

3. I understand class fee is payable even when I don't attend and will be running until notice has been given

4. I know I have access to all SA Beauty Modeling events but is responsible for my own expenses, entry fees, travelling etc

5. I understand I have to attend at least 1 photo shoot annually with SA Beauty Modeling. Ranging from R300-R1300. The Graduation show is compulsory and the model is responsible for their own costs to travel and participate in the show to receive their diploma on stage

6. Models are to act professional at all times.

7. Models who fail to give written notice will be billed for the entire duration of this contract, failure to pay outstanding fees will result in a handover to our SA Beauty Attorneys and all legal fees shall be for your account.

8. Models will not be allowed to be part of any other academy or agency without written permission from SA Beauty Modeling. Models are to inform SA Beauty of any events, partnerships, pageants or photo shoots they wish to enter, for permission and support. This is to ensure we keep an excellent image and brand and to uphold only the best standard for our company.

9. SA Beauty reserves the right to present your portfolio to any agency or company but is not liable to find work for any model. Models shall be informed of any such opportunities 

10. SA Beauty is not responsible for any loss or theft of any goods belonging to a model

11. SA Beauty is not responsible for any accidents/incidents on a shoot, during training or at any event whatsoever. Models participate in all activities solely at their own risk

12. Models are not allowed to consume any alcohol, smoke or take part in any illegal activities at any event, promotion, pageant or class

13. Models can be asked to leave if they don’t perform in the manner they are expected to, they can also forfeit any payment or future opportunities if they arrive late, act unprofessional or don’t look the part. It is a model’s responsibility to ensure they wear make-up where required, the correct dress code etc for each event

14.Should a model or parent do anything that reflects badly on SA Beauty Modeling they may be asked to leave immediately and her contract may be terminated right away

15.Should a model damage a garment from a designer or partner they shall be held responsible for buying the garment or paying for the repair immediately, this includes make-up stains

16. All models are required to share their journey and events on social media, models will be more successful if the build their brand with us

17. SA Beauty owns the rights to any and all photo shoots and events and may not be used to market any other event or company without written permission

18. You are hereby giving SA Beauty permission to use your photos for marketing purposes and any other purpose without payment unless agreed upon

19. Models are not allowed to share any confidential information of SA Beauty to a third party, this will lead to immediate termination and further action will be taken. Models may not copy, share or distribute any documentation, videos, or other information linked directly to the academy, sponsors or events hosted by SA Beauty.

20. Should a model or parent cause any problems with other models, gossip, bully or make others uncomfortable she may be asked to leave and her contract shall be terminated

21. SA Beauty reserves the right to choose which models are accepted into our academy and for certain events or bookings, if we at all feel that a model don’t deserve to be in SA Beauty her contracted will be terminated

22. Registration fee is payable to renew this agreement every January

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