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  • Katryn Barwise

Motivation for Success

Make a life you are obsessed with!

My Motivational Quote today is this! You have to make your life worth living, create things you enjoy doing. Work towards the things you wish you had! If you like pink and shiny things like me, then incorporate it in your life! Why look at Pinterest photos of other people posting classy office photos and then feel depressed when you walk into yours? Make your office just as classy! Sometimes we just have to realise that it's not impossible! You can do anything you put your mind to!This photo is one I took by myself, I have no photographic experience, but I like trying new things, and why should I just fantasise over the flatly photos on pinterest when My office looks just as good! Make life interesting, try new and different things! Grow as a person! Learning new things is so rewarding!

So for this new week, I challenge you....

Redo your office or your closet or whatever it is you usually dream about having! Save for it and start by taking small steps towards that big make-over! Be excited about living! Have fun with who you are and express your personality in EVERYTHING in your life! This motivates and drives me, even when the going gets tuff, I will look at my life and my surroundings and think, well it's worth all the hard work and stress!

Stop fantasising about what other people have or do and start living your own fairytale!

Be the trendsetter, just make it happen!

Become obsessed with your OWN Life! This creates happiness!!!

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