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  • Katryn Celliers

Free Modelling Terms

Hi Gorgeous....

Soooo you want to start doing more modelling jobs and events, but you still feel unsure about the industry? Maybe you are tired of not understanding all the terms or what is expected of you?

Well fear no more, we have a FREE Model glossary and we are sharing the first addition with you absolutely free, even if you are not one of our registered models!!! Don't be the girl that has to ask the photographer "what's that" learn your terms now!

Read up and learn more about the most important modelling terminology and understand what is needed from you as a model, and what type of model you would like to be? Personally I love fashion modelling but many other girls are more suitable for commercial or parts modelling. Which model are you?

Please share it on social media, we would love to hear from you!

Your's in Fashion


Katryn Celliers

Managing Director & owner of Limpopo Beauty Modelling Academy

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