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How to prepare for a photo shoot

It's time to take your modelling career to the next level!

But how do you look like a pro at your next photo shoot? How do Miss South Africa and other Top Models get perfect shots time after time? It all starts with your preparation!

It can take weeks or even months to plan the perfect look for your next photo shoot! Put in some effort and follow these tips to get those amazing shots you've been dreaming about!

10 Tips to prepare for your next Photo Shoot:

1) Plan your outfits in advance! Avoid clothing with logo's, slogans or any writing on them if it's a model portfolio shoot. This will only detract the focus from your beauty. Use a colour wheel to plan your outfit colours, for a soft look go for colours similar to the background colour, or all pastel colours, for more high fashion go for dark or bold colours like black and red!

2) Pack all your outfits, accessories and shoes the night before, ensure that it's wrinkle free, clean and ready for action! Untangle any jewellery and make sure you are ready for the big day with no delays. Always pack a back up outfit, you never know when a zip strips etc believe me it's happened to me twice!

3) Make sure your nails are done, manicure and pedicure! Choose a nude or light colour for portfolio's you don't want your shocking pink nails to be the only thing you see on your headshot! Choose colours that will not be too distracting and that will compliment your look!

4) Plan and practice your poses! Yes!!! You can't wing it on the day! Although many photographers can give you good direction, if you don't practice the look you want to achieve you will end up being unhappy with the end result if it's not what you hoped for! Practice your facial expressions, angles and poses in front of a mirror and know what works for you!

5) Make a Pinterest board or album with photo's that inspire you, showing your photographer exactly what you have in mind will better your chances of getting those perfect shots! If your photographer doesn't know what look or angle you want, he won't be able to recreate that image for you!

6) Take care of your skin! Be sure to moisturise your skin really well and if needed do a spray tan, shave everything that needs to be shaved, and make sure your body looks tip top!

7) Skincare is very important, book a facial at least 1 week before the shoot to ensure you have healthy and glowing skin! This will go a long way to help your make-up look flawless on the day!

8) Book a talented make-up artist! Your headshot is only as good as your make-up in my opinion! If your make-up is all wrong you won't get that flawless headshot needed to be a successful model! Good strong eyebrows, eyeshadows that "opens" your eyes etc is very important! This is why we do make-up for our models at every shoot! Matching the correct foundation is just as important, because a photographer can't retouch your skin when editing if your foundation colour is wrong! Ending up with a grey or white face will not look very flattering!

9) Shape your eyebrows before the shoot, the photographer can't plug all those unwanted hairs when editing, and the make-up artist can't make your brows look on fleek if you did not shape your brows!

10) Get lots of sleep the night before, we need you to be energised and ready to focus the next day, Eat before the photo shoot and be ready to give it 100% Be early and avoid extra stress before the shoot, listen to the photographer's instructions and if you practiced your poses and followed these 10 tips I can promise you, you will have Amazing shots! That is if you booked a good photographer of course! Another reason why we now have our very own photography studio, to ensure we give every model a spectacular portfolio as this together with your ZCARD is what will help you become a top model!

Join our Academy or Agency and Book your ZCARD & Portfolio shoot with us! We will help you become a top model in No time!!

I hope you loved this blog post, please like and share on social media, and send us photo's of your next shoot, we would love to see you in action!

Lots of love xoxo

Katryn Celliers

Owner of Limpopo Beauty Modeling Academy

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