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  • Katryn Barwise

101 Posing Guide & Posing Tips

We will be launching our 101 Posing Guide very soon!

Are you always unsure how to pose and what poses will suit you best?

Now we will have you covered with this amazing posing guide!

Poses included in our AMAZING posing guide:

- Facial Poses, also called Beauty Photography (To advertise Make-up/cosmetics) Also great for portrait poses!

- High Fashion Poses (Best for editorial/Print Modelling)

- Full length Swimwear Poses

Our posing guide will help you identify the look you are going for without the hours of googling different poses! We will tell you what to do with your arms and show you why certain poses work best! From how to make your tummy look flat with bikini poses, to showing off your best features like your eyes in Beauty Shots!

This Posing Guide will be right there on your phone so that you can quickly go over your poses before your next photo shoot! I also advise that you practice the poses you like, beforehand, the better you know your poses the more relaxed and confident you will look on every photo!

Professional models know a minimum of 40 poses before going to a shoot, the more and better you can pose the more photo's you will get!!! So why get only 10 photo's when you could have gotten 25 after practicing our amazing poses AND You will look like a PRO!!!

Subscribe to our mailing list and we will gladly inform you once this Posing Guide is available!

Lots of Love xoxo

Katryn Barwise

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