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  • Katryn Barwise

Free Tips on How to Build Your Brand

Here are some Free Tips for you, to help you build your personal brand!

Have you ever wondered how a model got well known? Or look at someone's social media and think wow they just have their brand all figured out? Well... You can build your brand too...

Follow these amazing tips and you will be well on your way to having a polished brand, ready to start building your career, networking and landing some great opportunities.This Personal Branding Workshop Manual will also give you some valuable tips on what to keep in mind with social media branding, how to utilise it to give you the best results. We also included the no-no's when it comes to your public profile and how to keep your personal safety in mind.

Whether you want to become an ambassador for a Make-up range, be invited to Judge at Pageants, Be chosen for a Fashion Show or just simply build your own personal brand then these FREE Tips will help you Understand Personal Branding on Social media and Branding yourself as an individual as a whole!

A personal brand is not only who you as a person is, but it's directly linked to your hobbies, your sense of style, your ambition or way of life! It can also be linked to your favourite colour, on the quotes you like to share, whether your brand is about following the dresses you wear to pageants as a style icon, or is your brand based on the Funny things you get up to? What is your brand? How can you reinvent it or improve your brand?

Tag us on Facebook and social media or use the #LimpopoBeautyModelingAcademy We would love to see your next post as a step closer to building your Positive brand image.

Please share this Post on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc, and help other people build their brand too!

Yours in Fashion xoxo

Katryn Barwise

CEO Limpopo Beauty & SA Beauty Modeling Academy

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